The Trials of the Swamp Witch

A Letter from Baron Elodin il-Banock

Secret Meeting of Adventurers

Hello Adventurers,
I am the Baron Elodin il-Banock. Baron of Meer Tyrennial, Warden of Thunderpeak Crossing, Watcher of the Cypric Estuary, and Arch Justice of the Central Kingdom. I apologize for all the secrecy regarding my request to have you all meet here on this ship on the Dragonsmere. The Genasi standing before you and reading this letter is Fomi Sal. He is the Commodore of my river fleet. I have raised him since he was a boy and he is better than my own son. There have been many rumors about the Genasi, but I promise you those are all lies. I trust this man with my life. This man is worth more to me than all of your weight in gold and his word is more honest than the gods. He will act as your guide and with this writ all of you will have food, drink, and bed in any Inn or Trading Post throughout the lands under my jurisdiction. I have asked you all here to assist me with a problem. As you all well know, our realm has fallen upon dark times. Every day, the corruption spreads throughout our fair and beautiful lands. I have chosen you from the four corners of the realm. Many for whom you have served have spoken greatly to me about your skills and abilities. All of my hope lies on you and your skills as adventurers. The corruption has begun to spread in my realm. I have my best and brightest alchemists, mages, and even the Dragonborn Academy attempting to find a cure for the corruption, but a trusted ally has told me of a rumor of a witch and her two sisters that now live in the corrupted swamp that was once my beautiful estuary and they may have a solution to our corruption conundrum. I ask you to seek them out and find me a cure to stop this wretched plague from destroying all that I love. Your guide knows the way. Be careful when dealing with the Fey, They are a tricky lot and revel in others struggle. The swamp is now full of the new unknown dangers. My scouts and surveyors report sightings of Bullywugs, giant crocodile, and the unfathomable sounds of monstrosities. Fomi will now give you all 5 platinum pieces as a token to show your efforts are not to go without reward. I promise you more than riches if you can do this for me. I will take it that your presence at this meeting will act as your acceptance of this quest. I wait to hear of your victorious arrival in Meer Tyrennial.
Make Haste and Safe Journey,
Baron Elodin il-Banock.



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